AP29ECO Sampling Probe

AP29ECO Sampling Probe

AP29ECO, an accessory to Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector, allows you to do automatic leak testing with hydrogen tracer gas.


Examples of AP29ECO Sampling Probes techniques are integral test in accumulation chamber, clam shell test, direct point sniffing and scanning. Controlled by the Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector, it draws a well-defined sample of air and passes it over the built-in hydrogen sensor. It also handles calibration of your entire leak test system. The sampling probe has an automatic purging function which can be activated before and after sampling, and when the gas concentration exceeds a set limit. It can, therefore, encounter gross leaks and still be cleared within seconds. Together with the unique properties of hydrogen tracer gas, this feature gives an unprecedented reliability of your system.

The AP29ECO is built for heavy-duty applications. Its rugged design and serviceability make it ideal for use in tough industrial environments. The sensor element can be replaced without opening the probe, and the sniffer flow function is powered by a long-life membrane pump. The pump is easy to maintain and it is only in operation when a sample is drawn. This makes the AP29ECO a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative. The unit can be ordered with two different sniffer flows — 1 cc/s or 3 cc/s.


• High reliability for demanding industrial applications
• For semi- or fully automatic leak testing
• Easy to maintain
• Easy sensor change
• Overexposure protection minimizes recovery time in case of gross leaks
• Automatic calibration of leak test system


• Sniffer flow alarm
• The AP29ECO is fully controlled by the Sensistor ISH2000 Leak Detector
• Draws a well-defined air sample to the built-in hydrogen sensor
• Handles accumulation chamber tests, local enclosure tests and scanning
• Suitable for hydrogen concentration monitoring
• Designed for integration into automatic leak test systems
• Available with two different sniffer flows – 1 cc/s or 3 cc/s

Typical Applications

• Industry
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Packaging
• Medical
• Process

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