Calibration test leaks with gas reservoir for vacuum applications

Various types with different leak rate ranges:

TL7 :          Capillary leak with helium gas reservoir and manual valve

Leak rate range 10 E-7 mbar l/s

Connecting flange DN10KF

TL8/9:        Permeation leak with helium gas reservoir and  manual valve

Special quartz bulb with a high helium permeation rate adjusts the constant

gas flow.

Leak rate range 10 E-8 mbar l/s or  10 E-9 mbar l/s

Connecting flange DN10KF


TL4-6:     Universal gas source for the fast insert in a variety of applications.

Helium capillary leak for vacuum  and sniffing applications.

Adjustable leak rate in the range between 10E-3 to 10E-5 mbar l /s .

Besides helium, which is included in delivery, the TL4-6 is also usable

with different kind of gases.

Connecting flange DN 10 KF


• Inured to pollution
• Metal-free flow reduction for low temperature dependences
• Detemination of the nominal leak rate by comparison with a calibrated leak having a PTB certificate
• Inspection certificate ( included ) in accordance to DIN EN 10204:2004-3-3.1
• DAKKS certificate(optional ) traceable to PTB

Typical Applications

• Vacuum and Sniffing Leak Detection Applications