Calibration Leaks for Refrigerant Sniffer Leak Detectors

INFICON calibrated test leaks enable to test and to calibrate refrigerant sniffer leak detectors for the highest quality demands in leak detection.

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The Easy Way to Test and to Calibrate – For Maximum Accuracy 

The handling of the test leaks and the calibration of the sniffer leak detectors is very easy. The function of these leaks is based on a special quartz capillary which is customized to deliver a specific reduced flow from a test gas reservoir.

INFICON provides a wide range of calibrated test leaks for refrigerant sniffer leak detectors in industrial enviroments. The test leaks are available in different leak rates and test gases.


• Easy to use
• Suitable for industrial applications
• Available in different leak rates
• Inspection certificate included in accordance to DIN EN 10204:2004-3.1
• Traceable to PTB certificate
• Highly accurate and reliable due to the profil of the quartz capillary
• Metal-free capillary for low temperature dependance
• Refillable
• Customer specific calibrated leaks available to meet specific customer requirements concerning refrigerant type and leak rate:
12220SF for flammable refrigerants; leak rate 2 – 5 g/a
12220SN for non-flammable refrigerants; leak rate 2 – 5 g/a
12240SF for flammable refrigerants; leak rate 10 – 14 g/a
12240SN for non-flammable refrigerants; leak rate 10 – 14 g/a

Typical Applications

• Test and calibration of sniffer leak detectors

Part Number Description
12232 Test leak for refrigerant CO2, 2-3.5g/a
12220 Test leak for refrigerant R134a 2-5g/a
12221 test leak for refrigerant R600a, 2-5g/a
12222 Test leak for refrigerant R404a, 2-5g/a
12227 Test leak for refrigerantR152a, 2-5g/a
12228 Test leak for refrigerant R407c, 2-5g/a
12229 Test leak for refrigerant R410a,2-5g/a
12230 Test leak for refrigerant R401a, 2-5g/a
12234 Test leak for HalonR13B1,Halon 2-5g/a
12235 Test Leak HFO-1234 YF, 2-5 g/a
12236S Test leak for refrigerant R32 2-8g/a
12231 Test leak for refrigerant R290,7-8g/a
12240 Test leak for refrigerant R134a,10-12g/a
12241 Test leak for refrigerant R600a,15-18g/a
12242 Test leak for refrigerant R404a,14-17g/a
12243 Test leak for refrigerant R502a,12-15g/a
12275 Test leak for refrigerant CO2,10-14g/a
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