Extrima® Ex-certified Hydrogen Leak Detector

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Extrima® Ex-certified Hydrogen Leak Detector

The portable Extrima Leak Detector is the ultimate intrinsically safe instrument for leak detection in the toughest environments, including hazardous locations such as Zone 0 (corresponding to Division 1).


The Extrima allows you to quickly find leaks on a wide range of industrial applications such as aircraft and hydrogen cooled generators. With the Extrima the aviation industry has a safe, accurate and yet simple solution for leak testing of complete fuel systems, both in production and maintenance situations. Thanks to its high sensitivity, the Extrima can detect even minute leaks with pinpoint accuracy. Extensive tests have shown that using the Extrima can reduce the average time by more than 50 % for identifying, locating and repairing a leak on a fighter jet during maintenance.

It is certified for use in Zone 0, classification Ex ia, IIC T3 with ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI and CSA certificates. The Extrima can be used to trace leaks using Forming gas (5% H2/95% N2) or in applications where pure hydrogen is used.


• Allows entry into explosive environments without prior venting
• Up to 12 hours battery capacity
• Extremely robust and resilient to hydraulic fluids and fuels
• High sensitivity, quick reaction, fast recovery
• Easy to use and maintain
• Can be used in wet conditions
• Several accessories for aircraft fuel system leak detection


• Intrinsically safe: Ex ia, IIC T3 for use in Zone 0/Division 1
• High sensitivity 0.5 ppm/1x10E-7 cc/s using 5% H2/95% N2
Waterproof: IP 67
• 1 minute start up time
• Unique selectivity to hydrogen

Typical Applications

• Aerospace – complete fuel systems, oxygen supply, cooling systems and fire extinguishing systems, both in production and maintenance
• Power production – hydrogen-cooled generators and fuel cells
• Process industry – e.g., pipe systems, valves and containers
• Petro chemical industry

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