LDS3000 AQ Accumulation Leak Detector

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LDS3000 AQ Accumulation Leak Detector

The new leak detector uses cost efficient forming gas or helium for accumulation leak testing. The LDS3000 AQ is very sensitive and can detect leaks down to the 10-5 mbar∙l/s range.


ULTRATEST Technology™
LDS3000 AQ is the first leak detector to use forming gas or helium in a simple accumulation chamber

It will detect fluid leaks as reliably as helium vacuum leak testing, but with cost nearly at the cost of air testing. The real differentiator: The new leak detector uses the cost efficient forming gas or helium for accumulation leak testing.


• Cost efficient solution to leak test parts
• Testing as reliable as vacuum chamber – at nearly the cost of air testing
• Ready for the future with fieldbus interfaces for the Industry 4.0 integration
• Temperature and humidty indipendency offers reliable test results with high repeteability


• Very sensitive by detecting leaks down to 10-5 mbar l/s for both gases
• Communicative diversity through a wide range of analog and digital interfaces
• Unique accumulation leak detector for forming gas and helium

Typical Applications

• Leak detection for room air conditioner components, refrigeration components or heating components
• Manufacturers of automotive gas lines, small heater coils, etc. that are now demanding greater leak tightness
• Leak detection involving warm, humid or large parts, where the pressure decay method is ineffective
• Other markets where helium vacuum leak detection has been considered too costly or complex

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