LDS3000 Modular Leak Detector

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LDS3000 Modular Leak Detector

INFICON offers a wide variety of calibrated test leaks for almost every application demand.


ULTRATEST Technology™

Compact Performance at the Highest Level

With the LDS3000 leak detector, INFICON is opening a new chapter in the success story of leak testing systems. The successor to the LDS2010 is setting new standards for accuracy, reproducibility of measurement results and speed of leak testing.

The LDS3000 is extremely compact. The small dimensions, 13 X 9.45 X 11.1 in. (330 X 240 X 280 mm), make it even easier to integrate it into leak testing systems. More importantly, the space requirements and installation expense have been reduced even further by dispensing with a 19″ control module and improving the cabling considerably. In addition, there is an optional touch screen for easy operation and an optional field bus connection.


Optimizing space requirements and installation costs – that is the fine art of systems engineering. Small dimensions, a significantly more compact design and improved cabling are the LDS3000 leak detector’s answer to these challenges for leak testing systems. Its performance is not only better than its predecessor the LDS2010 leak detector, but is so much more compact in its design that integration into leak testing systems is easier and more flexible. In addition, there are individualized, custom configuration possibilities such as touch screen operation or connection to field bus systems, which are available as an option.

The LDS3000 leak detector includes a wide range of analog interfaces, as well as a variety of digital interfaces. RS232, RS485, USB and optional Profibus a variety of users’needs.

The LDS3000 leak detector provides both high throughput rates and great quality and reliability. Downtimes and frequent maintenance are a thing of the past. Calibration times of 20 seconds are especially fast, but are seldomly needed. Leak rates of up to 1 x 10-11 mbar l/s are detected in less than 1 second.


• Compact design allows individualized, custom integration into leak detection systems
• Communicative diversity through a wide range of analog and digital interfaces
• Considerably improved cabling
• Fast, optimized response times with I·CAL
• LDS2010 compatibility mode
• The new, patented routine allows calibration of the LDS3000 leak detector within 20 seconds.

Typical Applications

• Airbag parts
• Evaporators, condensers, compressors
• Valves
• Brake lines, fuel lines
• Hydraulic components
• Engines

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