Sensistor® ILS500 Leak Detection System

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Sensistor® ILS500 Leak Detection System

The Sensistor ILS500 is a fully integrated leak testing system that controls tooling, tracer gas handling, test sequencing and leak testing — all behind an easy to use color touch screen display.


The compact instrument helps you get a fast start for your leak testing by guiding you through the setting of parameters.  It controls the gas handling so that you have gas at the right time, the right place and at the right pressure. It makes a gross leak test before spending any tracer gas unnecessarily and also assures that the used tracer gas is evacuated after the test.  The tooling in your fixture is controlled by the ILS500, and the complete system is able to execute orders from a PLC or other type of computer.

With the dual probe possibility, you are even able to first leak test an object with the automatic probe and immediately thereafter do leak locating with the hand probe. The Sensistor ILS500 is the perfect system for solutions ranging from manual sniffing to being a key component in a fully automatic system.

The ILS500 is available as Standard model and High Pressure model.


• Fast test procedure set up trough guided installation on color touch screen
• Fast sensor reaction, fast recovery: for fast testing and short cycle times
• The Dual Probe possibility enables manual leak locating after automatic chamber test
• Simple user interface: easy to learn and to operate
• Easy service and sensor change: for minimum down time
• Less operator dependence: full control over all test steps
• Ensures proper tracer gas handling to avoid background interference
• Suitable for filling small as well as large objects


• Fully integrated leak testing system
• Includes gas handling, tooling control and leak detection
• Reliable leak detection
• Highly selective and sensitive hydrogen sensor
• Downloads and back-ups through USB-port
• Number of recipes increased to more than 100
• Pre-evacuation and gross leak test
• Tracer gas filling and blockage test through dual test ports
• Tracer gas test
• Allows for manual leak locating in combination with chamber test

Typical Applications

• Industry
• Automotive
• Packaging
• Medical

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