Sensistor® ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector

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Sensistor® ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector

The Sensistor ISH2000 is a robust instrument for professional leak detection, both manual and automatic. The unique method involving the use of inexpensive forming gas (5 % hydrogen and 95 %nitrogen) as tracer gas.


This combines unmatched measuring properties with user-friendly technology, low costs and minimal service requirements. This makes the Sensistor ISH2000 the best option for a wide range of production and maintenance applications. It is especially suitable for finding leaks of a size that would leak liquids such as water, fuel and oils or in environments with occasional large leaks.

Sensistor ISH2000 Hydrogen Leak Detector is available as desktop and panel versions.


• Smart accessories adapt the detector to a wide range of testing situations – from manual sniffing to fully automatic chamber testing
• Low maintenance thanks to no moving parts
• High sensitivity combined with excellent performance in high concentrations, makes it easy to locate leaks
• Short recovery time reduces downtime when detecting gross leaks
• Easy sensor fitting allows the operator to replace the sensor in a matter of seconds
• Long autonomy – fast charging (for battery-powered model)
• The Sensistor ISH2000C is portable and battery powered for maximum freedom. Also perfect in rough environments


• Design for tough industrial environments
• Simple and intuitive user interface
• Fast sensor reaction, fast recovery
• Highly selective hydrogen sensor
• Manual sniffing or automatic sampling
• Ergonomic hand probe with built-in intelligence facilitates the operator’s control of the instrument
• 3, 6 or 9 m (9.8, 19.6 or 29.5 ft) probe cable
• Integrates with INFICON Tracer Gas Fillers

Typical Applications

• Industry
• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Packaging
• Medical
• Process

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