UL3000 Fab (PLUS) – Helium Leak Detector (Dry)

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UL3000 Fab (PLUS) – Helium Leak Detector (Dry)

The INFICON helium leak detector UL3000 Fab (PLUS) is designed for the needs of leak testing in semiconductor applications.  It features flexibility, mobility, fast start up, high sensitivity, fast and precise test results, and reliability.


The improved vacuum system with low maintenance vacuum pumps allows the detection of leaks starting from atmospheric pressure. The rugged mass spectrometer system ensures long running time and low maintenance costs. The HYDRO-S software in the UL3000 Fab PLUS eliminates the water vapour background and makes leak testing even faster.

The UL3000 Fab PLUS offers also an improved sniffer capability by using the well proven sniffer line SL3000 which has up to 10 m length.

The new touch screen display shows test results and status information even from a long distance. Easy operation via user guided menu structure, even for inexperienced operators. A wireless control of the UL3000 Fab (PLUS) is possible via smartphone or tablet – without special software or Apps. Recording and storage of test results via push button can be transferred to other storage media for further analysis.

A low center of gravity, big wheels, ergonomically designed handle and the slim housing enable good mobility of the UL3000 Fab (PLUS) even in tight spaces.


• Ready to measure at atmospheric pressure
• Intuitive user guidance with touch display
• Robust vacuum system, insensitive to dirt and contamination
• Perfect mobility due to small turning radius
• Operable by smartphone via web browser
• Accessories available right at the device

Typical Applications

• Leak testing of components before they are installed in existing tools
• Inspections and installations of process gas systems
• Automatic testing of hermetically sealed components with the TC1000 test chamber
• Leak tests in environments with high demands on test conditions and cleanliness

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